Chicago it is!

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guess who is in Chicago

Zane from issue 3 of NW, and if you havent read what NW said to him it when along the lines of this

"Don't make me come here and make you my priority" so Dick could see the chance in helping another city, with huge criminals, new characters, and a justice and political system that doesnt tolerate masks, sounds gold to me

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Isn't Higgins from Chicago? I know he's a fan of the Bears. It's a good call, though - write what you know! Plus, I am excited to have someone as cool as Nightwing in the Midwest (although I would have been even more excited if Dick ended up in Detroit).

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"you know what the midwest is YOUNG AND RESTLESS" -Jesus Walks by Kanye West

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Please let Kanye show up

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Higgins knows Chicago as well as Nightwing will. I loved Higgins' exploration of the history of Gotham and treating the city almost like the main character of Gates of Gotham. Perhaps we can get some of those elements with a Chicago twist. Can't wait until April!

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He could have made up new city bcuz chicago replaceable, when a new writer comes to take on this title he probably goin to leave. But if he would have made up a city like bludhaven, even when he run with nightwing is over the book will still be stable. Nightwing just need a lois lane and a jim gordon.

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Chicago seems like a great choice all round. It's not somewhere thats been touched upon all that much, plenty of opportunity to give Dick a whole rogues gallery of his own to rival Bruce's. The zero-tolerance policy on masked vigilantes has likely resulted in a lot of crime plaguing the city, I can imagine it being much like Gotham was in Batman's early years, Dick will have to deal with this in order to earn people's trust.

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@LuigiBat: the "zero-tolerance policy on masked vigilantes" also seems very reminiscent of the Dixon/McDaniel run, which is not at all a bad place for Higgins to draw inspiration from. I must say that I'm extremely excited for all the things Higgins has planned - even without knowing much at all. He's talked about "world building" and making Nightwing a more stand-alone character (i.e. less dependent on Batman).

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@dicksihavestudied said:

Isn't Higgins from Chicago? I know he's a fan of the Bears. It's a good call, though - write what you know! Plus, I am excited to have someone as cool as Nightwing in the Midwest (although I would have been even more excited if Dick ended up in Detroit).

At least you're city has had it's own teams. Im from around St. Louis and nothing ever goes on there in comics. It's almost the center of the country it would be a great place to base a large team out of to properly cover the country

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@LuigiBat: I really hope the book follows in this direction; very intriguing. But I did want to kinda see Haly's up and running lol.

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I was born in the outskirts of Chicago, reading Nightwing is going to be like visiting a hometown to me! Sears tower and Brookfield Zoo, Lake Michigan oh how I miss the Windy City. Tear it up Kyle!!!

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I'm fine with this, but I miss Blüdhaven. : /

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Liking the sound of this. Not only will he have to deal with whatever villains pop up there, but the police and local government as well. Reminds me of Green Arrow and Batman at different points.

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I think this would also be a great opportunity to bring in Donna and Wally. Higgins could say they were hiding in Al Capone's vault.

You make an excellent point about St. Louis. It's the gateway to the West, but that means it's also the backdoor of the East.

And lord knows parts of St. Louis could use a vigilante (that's not to diss on St. Louis. I mean, I was just extolling the virtues of Detroit).

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Doesn't matter where he moves if the writing stays the same. Higgins' stories that don't have Synder or some event to lean on have been painfully mediocre. He's done nothing to help build up the character since the reboot and has been isolating the character from everyone and deconstructing everything Dick as Batman did for the character, so I have my doubts that the move will change anything. Booth is a welcome improvement as his art will help move away from the dark, depressing tone Barrows' art brought, but I just don't think Higgins is that good a writer at the end of the day.

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@dicksihavestudied: It's ok i get it. And yeah we are dead center but absolutely not action. St. Louis is consistently in the top 5 most dangerous cities in the US. Actually after looking at it the only place that really competes with St Louis is Detroit lol

St. Louis rankings in Most Dangerous Cities in America (according to the FBI)



2011 3

2012 2

@Munsu: Unfortunately i agree. This feels like the same Dick Grayson that was around before he became Batman. I know a lot of people disagree with me but i think when Dick stopped being Batman he should have Since he didn't take on a new name) take on Bruce's "Insider Suit". Dick needed some kind of update or upgrade when coming out of Batman other wise it would have become what is has, a step back into an unchanged setting. Yes things change and people die but It's like when Dick became batman he finally Broke that glass ceiling then after Bruce's return willingly got right back under the ceiling again. I think he should have taken a proactive stance with the new suit rather then try to lay roots in a town he has out grown while tying himself to a circus that is supposed to be his back story not his here and now. I liked Raya but they ruined her and the villain guy that knew Dick Grayson. They both could have been great supporting characters.

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