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Dick hates the cape. He states that from the beginning of him taking on the cowl. Now that he has Bruces blesssing to stay on as Batman and he can make Batman more of his own, would it be wrong for him to get rid of the cape? Could he still be batman without the cape? Terry seems to accomplish it in batman beyond...

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@DEGRAAF: Terrys suit is a different story. Even superman in the future didn't have a cape. Batman needs the cape, sand it'd be redundent to get rid of it since he implemented the para-capes that give's them the ability to glide.
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Thats true but ultimately he hates the capes. He states it doesnt go with his fighting style. He can always come up with another way to fly/glide. They also state that he will be updating his suit/accessories with futuristic tech, so its not like he couldnt come up with a retractable glider or the same way he used to glide as Nightwing.
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@DEGRAAF: I know I've read it cause it creates to much drag. I know maybe Damian will come up with it, Dicks never been the guy that invenets the gadgets. Damian was the one who implemented the gyro so the batmobile could fly.
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yea i remember Damien completing that (which they said was something Bruce couldnt do). Suposeably, they are all getting updated equipment. With the new lab they will have new teams of people working on cutting edge technology for them all so he wont have to invent it, he just has to tell someone what needs to be made. Also, like i was saying before. He could try to just impliment the glider structure in the Nightwing costume in to the Batman suit
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@DEGRAAF: They didn't say Bruce couldn't, they said it gave him trouble,  but  Damian was using Bruce's blueprints. Yeah nighwingg did have the glider in his old nightwing costume.
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ok whatever, he didnt figure it out before he "died". 
And yea i know he could impliment that in to his batman suit
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@DEGRAAF: But he won't that'd defeat the purpose remember a couple of years ago, everyone thought there was an army of batmen. Well how much more effective would the symbol be, if he's in gotham and they see him on the tv running around the world.
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whats him being on tv got to do with the tech Dick Grayson will be using. also Bruce is going to publicly support Batman, so i think he will be shown on tv more often around the world
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I' saying making his costume radically different from Bruce, will take away from the legacy. If you were being chased by the bat, got away turned on the tv and saw reports about the abt being in spain, or else where around the world. Would you not be freaked out, it could be more to getting him back to the image where even superpowered enemies feared him due to them beliving he couldn't die, be multiple places at once, or that there was really an army. It would instill the fear into criminals. In the future yes Dick should be using more tech, but not now he's never been over reliant on technology to the extent of Bruce.

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