Brett Booth Titans Fan Art Sketches

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Got bored.

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I like them all, but not Wally's. I really think the blue design by Brett Booth is much better, but I am loving the rest especially Tempest's. I hope that becomes his look in the New 52. I never really thought the red Tempest suit suited Garth that well before the New 52.

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@crazyscarecrow: I wanted to branch them all out in some way and I thought it would be cool to base it off the 4 color brothers.

Blue, Green, Red and Yellow.

Tempest still has that camo deign by Brett Booth and I thought blue looked awesome on him which also connects him to you know the perceived color of water and Nightwing wears red now.

Donna, yellow sounded better on her then green and it has a connection to the stars.

and then there's the green for Wally, green was the last color then I thought of ways it connects to the flash mythos. Bar-Tor was a disappointing Kid Flash I had no problem with the alien with a different name but a criminal was a bit to much for me, and pre-52 his opposing force was Inertia kinda his opposite what the green symbolizes is a better opposite.

Isn't it Barry in the Blue suit?

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@justthatkid: I see what you did. Didn't really noticed the color thing until you pointed it out. I love Donna's and Tempest's. The green is pretty clever. I haven't been following Kid Flash that much in the New 52 though from what I heard about him and the entire Teen Titans run so far everything was pretty disappointing. The Inertia idea is pretty clever and knowing the reasoning behind the green for Wally makes me like the color choice.

And yeah Barry is in the blue suit. I found out just this week that was Barry in the blue Flash suit the whole time. I thought it was Wally.

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