Best Dick Grayson Story?

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What has been the best Dick Grayson story? Doesn't matter what his superhero identity at the time is, I'm wondering what has been the story with Dick Grayson being the main character or characters if one of his best stories involve him teaming up with somebody.

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I really liked The Black Mirror.

I would say the Dixon run on Nightwing, but I'm not sure that'd qualify as one story.

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Battle for the Cowl Is actually one of my favorite Nightwing Stories

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All the stuff with Dickbats and Damian is fantastic.

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I'll allow runs with the character. I'll look into Dixon's run on Nightwing.

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The Black Mirror is the best dick grayson batman comic and the great leap is the best night wing

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If I had to pick just one story it's probably Nightwing: Year One. However, as has been pointed out Dixon's run on the character is incredibly good. And I find pretty much all of Dick's Batman adventures with Damian in Batman and Robin to be excellent. In terms of just one adventure that Dick went through as Batman I liked Long Shadows.

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Dixon's run on Nightwing is probably the essential Dick Grayson story.
You could start on Year One.

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Black Mirror, Batman vs Robin, Battle for the Cowl, and I actually liked Traps & Trapezes

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My favorite story is still "The Boys" which was issue #25 from Dixon's run. Nothing major happens and it's just a filler issue. The reason why it remains as my favorite Nightwing story is that it shows the brotherly relationship between Tim and Dick. They talk about casual stuff while running on top of trains while blind-folded. It's fun stuff and I would definitely recommend that you check it out.

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Black mirror ftw!!!!!

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Black Mirror. They explored Dick in a way that they will likely never will again. Since Bruce wasn't a proponent in this story, it let Dick be on his own and really explore Gotham without his mentor's annoying shadow constantly looming over him. James Jr. was Dick's perfect antithesis and could have very well been the Joker to Dick's Batman but, the New 52 repurposed him into a Barbara Gordon villain... blegh, too obvious. Since we will likely never see them clash again, I highly recommend picking the trade up, it's Dick Grayson at his best. Kyle Higgins' current run in Chicago is also kicking some major butt so that is worth a look too.

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