Batman-Zero Year Affects on Nightwing

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So if you guys have not heard Snyder is beginning an 11 issue project of Bruce Wayne called Batman:Zero Year. What do you guys think this means of Dick Grayson? My guess is that it has one of two possibilities

1) the Nightwing comic follows suit and retells Dick's days as Robin and what lead to him becoming Nightwing. possibly exploring unanswered questions like was Bludhaven destroyed or did Dick even ever go to Bludhaven in the New 52? what about the Titans? to what extent did they exist? this could clear up a lot of continuity questions we have. which may not be bad.

2) Nightwing gets a year without interruptions or cross overs from Batman. with Bruce stuck in the past this could be a real opportunity to get out of the Bat shadow in the New 52. Nightwing would presumably take center stage as Bruce is absent for the moment. Personally I hope it is this one, the first is needed but this may be a real opportunity to expand NW. I also would bet that this is what is happening because NW moved to Chicago and thus can have adventures separate from Bruce without the constant questions of where Batman is.

what you guys think?

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1) I believe Kyle Higgins expressed interest in revisiting Dick's early days, though not in the immediate future as he has his big Chicago story coming up. Perhaps one day down the road.

2) This is most likely. With Dick out of Gotham, he isn't going to be naturally folded into Bat-family crossovers. Higgins has stated that the goal of this next big story is to make Nightwing stand alone and not be so tied to Batman. Of course, that stuff will always be a part of his history, but he wants to make it so that when someone asks "Who is Nightwing," the first response isn't "Well, he used to be Robin."

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yea thats why i think the second one will happen. however there is nothing saying that the first wont eventually happen maybe after Bruce's run but in my mind if Higgins does the second one well, the first wont really matter

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Higgins doesn't hold Snyder's hand. Nightwing is its own title and should act like one. So the second is the most likely to occur, but don't forget that there are other Bat-titles as well. Batman and Robin will feature Nightwing at some point, and there will be interaction. Higgins has expressed bringing up Dick's past, but I highly doubt we are going to have a Nightwing Year Zero. Nightwing is doing his own thing in Chicago, and Batman will be featured in the past for the next year.

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If Zero Year does really really well, I imagine they might want to keep it going, perhaps from Dick's perspective. In either case the second definitely means good things.

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I can't imagine that this 'zero-year' will be featuring Dick Grayson on a regular basis. I suspect that the first of the eleven planned issues will revolve around Dick and Bruce's relationship at the moment when Dick was first taken in. I can't imagine there being more than a passing reference to the Teen Titans, or rather the group of individuals who were Titans pre reboot but have since been described as just a group of friends, and I suspect the Bludhaven question might be dodged entirely.

I for one am more excited (from a Dick Grayson point of view) at the crossover with Batman and Robin. I believe that Bruce will be partnering up with Dick, Jason and Tim in the coming issues, each issue likely focussing on the relationship between the particular ex-Robin and Bruce as they try to help him recover from the loss of Damian.

In actual fact I kinda think this zero year combined with the death of Damian is something of a reversal of when Jason died, back then Dick wasn't really there for Bruce (or really able to help him if he was around) and it seems like this is the case now. Damian and Dick shared a closer bond than the others, it'll have hurt Dick the most in my honest opinion (Bruce has lost 'sons' before now), and with Bruce not able to/not willing to help out it'll be interesting to see what happens.

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Yep, sounds like Bruce himself will be the major focus, and the other people in his life will appear in brief, but important supporting roles. Instead of him letting his anguish get the better of him as he has so many times in the past, the many people he has in his life will help lift him back up from that pit of despair, and he'll manage to emerge stronger for it, while also maybe having repaired some of the bonds that were broken with recent events.

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