Batgirl or Starfire?

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Ok if you liked my topic Gambit or Magneto then you might like this topic. Who is better for Dick Grayson Batgirl (Barbara Gordan) or Starfire (Koriand'r) ? and why?

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somehow i have the feeling this has been done  but i like Barb better
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Batgirl is just destiny.
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Starfire,just to annoy the Gordon lovers.
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Barbra. Starfire was lust not love.

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Barbara, although I like him with Starfire, it's just that Barbara seems perfect. I find it weird with the whole human-tamaranean thing

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This topic has been done before.

My Choice: Starfire
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Starfire.  I like Barbara, but I honestly think she's too good for Dick

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babs all the way

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Starfire, more interesting.

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Barbara without a single doubt.

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