Any good modern era stories with Dick as Robin?

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I've read stories featuring the other Robins but I've never really been able to find anything with Dick as Robin that's come out within the past 20 years other than Dark Victory, which I've read. I read Batman and Robin and prefer him as Batman over Bruce but I've been wanting to see how he was as Robin.  Are there any good stories with him as Robin from the modern Era? Are any of them in trade paperback form or just individual issues?

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One of the besst stories you can read with him as robin is Robin:Yyear one. It's incredibibly good,  featuring Mr. Freeze, Mad Hatter, and Shrike. You deffinantly need to track it down, its avaailable  in a trade. Or Batman chronicles: The Gauntlet featurring his first night as robin.

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Is Batman: Year Two any good? I know Batman: Year Three was never collected in a trade but it is it worth reading?
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@CrimsonAvenger: Year two is pretty good story,personally I loved year Three, the three onggoing plots, really makes for a excellent story.

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