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The ninja known as Dice is known for his imposing size and the skilled use of pressure points and choke holds against his enemies. He uses snares and traps, as well as his weapon of choice, the bo staff. Rumor says that Dice was once a part of the mercenary ninjas known as the Night Creepers. He eventually partnered with the ninja Slice. The duo first came into contact with Cobra and G.I. Joe when a man calling himself the Red Ninja Master contacted them and called them and a number of the Red Ninjas (renegade members of the Arashikage Clan that sired Storm Shadow) to Cobra's Silent Castle in Trans-Carpathia. The Master displayed an in-depth knowledge of many of the Arashikage fighting techniques and convinced the other ninjas of his identity. Since Cobra Commander hadn't used the castle for years, Slice, Dice and the Red Ninjas easily ventured into the castle. Slice and Dice were surprised when Destro and the Baroness arrived at the castle. Destro was given the castle by Cobra Commander. When Dice and the other ninjas attacked Destro, they discovered the Joes had been watching, including Ninja Force. After a long battle, the Slice, Dice, and the Red Ninjas escaped the castle, and ran into the wilderness with Ninja Force close behind. After Snake-Eyes defeated Slice in a duel, the Red Ninja Master arrived and revealed himself to be Firefly. The mercenary had fooled the ninjas and after a brief fight, ambushed both groups of ninjas with his Cobra B.A.T.s and knocked them out with gas. He used Cobra's Brain-Wave Scanner to turn Dice and the others into his brainwashed slaves, and headed to Cobra Island, which had been deserted long ago. The Ninja Force eventually broke free, but Slice, Dice and the Red Ninjas remained under his control for a time. After a small team of Joes landed on the island and fought the B.A.T.s and mind-controlled ninjas, Firefly's hold was broken. Slice and Dice escaped, but eventually joined Cobra. Since most of Cobra's high command had turned their backs on the Commander, Slice and Dice worked closely with the Commander for a time, joining in the fight against the Joes in the Cobra-controlled town of Millville. Slice and Dice eventually left Cobra some time before the organization was disbanded after an attack from regular military forces in 1995. Dice's current status is unknown.

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