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Diana was first introduced in the V mini-series, broadcast on ABC in 1983. She is the sadistic, cold, and merciless second-in command of the fifty huge, saucer-shaped shapes that mysteriously arrive over the major cities of the world. Initially, Diana approached the human race as a benevolent ambassador of her people. However, Diana was anything but. For the first few days after her arrival, Diana remained on the New York Mother Ship. As the Visitors reached out to humanity in friendship, the nations of the world rallied together in support

 Enemy In Disguise

of their offer. In exchange for a limited amount of our natural resources, the Visitors would share their technologies with us, to further the human race in advancement. In the weeks that followed, however, it became clear that the Visitors were not who they claimed to be. As the Visitors become the focus of media attention, those who question their intentions begin to mysteriously disappear. They are restricted in their activities and movement. Noted scientists confess to subversive activities, and even begin to exhibit peculiar behaviors, such as using their opposite hand preference. Television news anchor Michael Donovan sneaks aboard one of the Mother Ships, and exposes the Visitors for what they truly are; carnivorous reptilian humanoids with synthetic skin, and human-like contact lenses. Mike escapes with his evidence, but just before he can release his video footage, the Visitors interrupt his expose broadcast, forcing him to flee. Michael Donovan becomes a fugitive from both human, and Visitor, authorities. As scientists around the world continue to be discredited, most likely due to the fact that they are the most prone to discover the Visitors’ secret, other humans willingly collaborate with the extra-terrestrials. Key human individuals are subjected to Diana’s mind-control process, known as Conversion, leaving only subtle behavioral clues to this manipulation.  Others become the victims of her horrific biological experiments.

Humanity Enslaved

One human in particular, a teenage girl named Robin Maxwell, becomes the unwilling participant in one of Diana’s insidious medical experiments. Diana orders a young Visitor soldier named Brian to impregnate Robin, in order to study the offspring that the couple produces. Soon, a human resistance movement is formed, and they learn from a Visitor sympathizer named Martin that needing the chemicals for their home world is merely a front for stealing our world’s precious resources, and harvesting the human race as a food source. Martin belongs to a Visitor movement known as the Fifth Column that wants to live a peaceful co-existence with humanity. Martin gives Mike access to a Visitor fighter ship, and Mike uses it to rescue the Maxwell Family from their


imprisonment aboard the Los Angeles Mother Ship.  The members of the Resistance strike their first blows against the Visitors, while procuring laboratory equipment and modern military weapons from National Guard armories to carry on the fight. The symbol of the resistance is a blood-red letter V (for victory), spray-painted over posters promoting Visitor friendship among humans. The symbol was inspired by Abraham Bernstein, another Holocaust survivor and grandfather of Daniel. Soon, the Visitors virtually control Earth. Two Resistance members, Julie and Elias, send out a signal utilizing S.E.T.I. to ask other extra-terrestrial races for aid in defeating the Visitor’s tyrannical reign over our world.

The Truth Revealed

Later, the human Resistance raids a Visitor processing plant, where humans are being prepackaged as food. The raid is a failure against the heavily-armed Visitors, and the humans bicker over why their plan failed. Meanwhile, Robin’s pregnancy advances at an alarming rate. The rebels learn that the Visitor leader, John, intends to make an announcement at the Los Angeles Medical Center that a universal cure for cancer has been discovered. The hospital raid is a success, and Julie manages to reveal John’s true identity. Plans to abort Robin’s child are halted, due to the risk to her own life, and television news reporter Kristine Walsh is killed by Diana when she refuses to call the event a

 The Truth About "Diana"

terrorist hoax, and cries out   for the human race to rebel against the Visitors.   The Fifth Column arranges for the “capture” of the Resistance fighters, but their victory is bittersweet. Diana’s men manage to capture Julie, and she is taken to the Los Angeles Mother Ship, where Diana proceeds to use her Conversion process on her. Julie defies her brainwashing, and Diana increases the intensity of the treatment.   A preexisting heart condition cause Julie to go into cardiac arrest, and it nearly kills her. Diana is frustrated, and orders that Julie’s conversion be set on maximum, which proves too much for her. She is converted into the Visitors’ ranks. After the session, a Fifth Column member disguised as Mike Donovan breaks into the Conversion Chamber, and attempts to kill Diana. This causes a disruption in Julie’s conversion.

The Red Dust

Diana and the Visitor Stephen appear in a television news broadcast with Mike’s son, Sean, who has been taken out of cryogenic stasis as a favor from the boy’s grandmother, Eleanor, who has aligned herself with the Visitors. The pair clearly offer Mike an invitation to surrender himself, in exchange for his son. The exchange goes as planned, and Mike is taken aboard the Los Angeles Mother Ship, while Sean is escorted by Julie and Resistance member Ham to an abandoned Los Angeles jail. Later, a Fifth Column member named Oliver visits Mike at his cell, and offers him a suicide pill, to prevent him from disclosing any information about the Resistance. Before he can administer the pill, however, the Visitor Jake kills Oliver, and Diana administers her extremely powerful truth serum to Mike. Mike is forced to compromise Martin’s identity, who is present at the time. Martin attempts to shoot Diana, but she escapes

 Cold-Blooded Killer

with the information. Days pass, and Robin Maxwell’s daughter, Elizabeth, is born. Sporting a forked tongue and the ability to spit venom, Elizabeth also ages at a rapid rate, growing from an infant to a six-year-old within a matter of hours. When Robin Maxwell uses a bacterium known as the Red Dust to kill the Visitor who impregnated her, Brian, Resistance member Father Andrew Doyle ushers Elizabeth off to safety, not wanting her to see such violence. Unfortunately, Father Doyle takes Elizabeth to the Los Angeles Mother Ship, where they are greeted by Diana. She appears friendly to the pair, but later murders Father Doyle after reading the Bible, because it makes her realize that she is vulnerable.   Later, the Resistance succeeds at mass producing the bacterium that, although safe to humans, is highly deadly to the Visitors. They plan to release the Red Dust into the Earth’s atmosphere using hot air balloons, dispersing the bacterium into the Earth’s ecosystem.

Liberation Day

Diana activates a Doomsday Device aboard the Lose Angeles Mother Ship, which threatens not only to destroy the Mother Ship, but the entire planet, as well.   When John disagrees with her decision, she kills him. The Red Dust is highly effective, killing hundreds of Visitor soldiers. The Resistance is trapped inside of a ventilation tunnel, but are quickly rescued by the Red Dust. They regroup at the bridge of the Mother Ship, where the Visitor Lorraine is attempting to stop the ship’s auto-destruct sequence.   The Rebels and the Visitors evacuate the ship while Martin brings it out of orbit. Elizabeth Maxwell steps up

 Diana, Lydia, Julie, And Mike

to the ship’s self-destruct console, and uses a mysterious super human ability to stop the ship from detonating. Diana is captured by Julie, but Diana uses Julie’s conversion to freeze her in place, given her the opportunity to escape. Martin brings the Mother Ship back to Earth, and the Visitor fleet is forced to retreat into the dark recesses of outer space.    

Powers And Abilities

Diana’s extra-terrestrial physiology provides her a number of unique attributes, which include, but are not limited to…

  •  Agility
  • Attractive Female
  • Durability
  • Enhanced Senses
  • Escape Artist
  • Leadership
  • Markskmanship
  • Speed
  • Strength
  • Swordsmanship
  • Poison Secretion
  • Unarmed Combat

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