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I consider myself an intelligent person, although Dial H has been kicking my butt comprehensively for the past two months. Could someone please catch me up to what's happened in issues two and three? I'm finding it kind of hard to follow right now.

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Haven't been able to read 3 yet. But this is a cool little comic more people should look into.

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I will help you :D

Issue 2

Nelson has been using the H Dial to transform into more heroes,Nelson visits his Darren at the hospital and he told him works for Vernon's Gang at XN and his job was breaking and entering,Nelson tries to call his ex girlfriend but she didn't want to talk so Nelson transform into Ctrl Alt Delete a Computerman to break in a house that Darren was suppose break in to but then the Mysterious Woman Manteau comes in and attacks him,Nelson/Ctrl Alt Delete uses his Reboot powers to transform Manteau into a human and then she escapes,Later one of the XN scientist told The Squid that he should work and The squid attacks him because he doesn't want to be told what to do,So later The Squid goes to the hospital to kill Darren,Nelson calls the hospital to see how Darren was doing and he founds out the nurse couldn't go into his room so Nelson uses the phone booth again to transform into Iron Snail a army man with a metal snail shell,He gets angry and fight Vernon and his gang with his powers then The Squid shows up and they fight each other,Nelson/Iron Snail realize that he is changing back to normal so ran to the phone booth again and The Squid told Vernon and his gang to follow him,Back at the hospital we learn that Dr.Wald(The woman from the Issue 1) is working for The Squid and XN, Nelson goes back to the phone booth but then Manteau appears in front of him and she tells Nelson that she will him and the comic ends with Vernon and his gang found Nelson and Manteau

Issue 3

Vernon and his gang found Manteau and Nelson and they started shooting at them and one of the bullets shot the H Dial so Nelson can't transform into any heroes,While Nelson tries to use the H Dial Manteau uses her water powers to beat Vernon and his gang then she and Nelson with the broken H Dial escape,Vernon calls Dr.Wald and tells her that Manteau flied away with Nelson and The Dial after The Squid talks to Dr.Wald Manteau takes Nelson to a empty house where she talks to Nelson about the Dials plus we learn that Manteau has her own H Dial,Manteau ask Nelson what was your biggest fight and we Boy Chimney with his own superhero team called Team House and they were fighting a Rake Dragon,Nelson found out that he has Boy Chimney's memories Manteau agrees to help Nelson and fix his H Dial,Later we see The Squid and Dr.Wald with zombie like people that vomit black stuff from Issue 1 go to a hotel building to meet a man named Mr.King(He might be related to Chris King a previous Dial User) and the zombies attack him,After Nelson works out at the gym he goes back to Manteau's house and Manteau has been checking the computer find people that were connected to the Dial,Manteau listen to Mr.King call and found out that he was attack,Manteau give Nelson back his H Dial,Nelson briefly transform into mustard/sippycup man and he saw a shadow man but he disappear and Nelson transform back to himself,Manteau told Nelson to use the Dial again and he transform into a female hero named Baroness Resin and He/She was freaking that he turn into a woman and tells Manteau that the Dial is still broken but Manteau said that the Dials are always broken and that he's Dial is extra mess up so Manteau tells Nelson/Baroness Resin to woman up and then they fight The Squid but then The Abyss shows up out of Mr.King's Body which ends Issue 3

I hope this helps you :D

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This comic is so awesomely bizarre and I really like the art.

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@DoomDoomDoom said:


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@ShrimpDino: I really appreciate your rundown, but I was hoping for more of an explanation of what is actually happening, not a page by page description. I've read all three issues, but the story has confused me. Basically I want someone to tell me what it all means. You know?

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