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Outstanding, Amazing and Stupendous!

The Good:

This book breaks all the rules when it comes to traditional comics from DC. It is a huge break from the superhero norm that the publisher usually delivers. It could very easily fit into the Vertigo line of books.

The main premise of the book is a common, out of shapre, regular joe named Nelson Jent discovering an artifact in the Hero Dial that transforms him into a variety of different heroes, male and female with a vast array of abilities. Each change is unique and fresh. His discovery leads him into a world of inter dimensional excursions and a layer of schemes way over his head. His only ally is a woman named Roxie who also wields a Dial of her own.

The art is visually stimulating and fits the tone of the book perfectly. All of the different Dial characters are completely unique and bizarre. There is a huge range of them and they are captured exquisitely by the art team on this title.

The Bad:


The Score:


This book is about as original as a mainstream comic can get these days. Its a delight to read and as fascinating a comic as DC ha released in quite some time.


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