starkiller809's Dial H #9 - A Hiding to Nothing review

Dial H #9

The Good: 
Alberto Ponticelli pencils have been changing the tone of this series and the sketchiness and the darkness it provides to the issue is fantastic. The story is using humor more then it did in the first arc and having the visual being so series really balances the series. Ponticelli can draw weird very well, and that is a skill that comes in handy when you have to draw a new character that is incredibly strange every few pages. The story dropped a little in quality, but still maintains the fun and the deep plot that has been in this series since day one. We get to see a confrontation between Nelson Jent and The Centipede and it provides the action for this issue. Chine Mieville does a great job at introducing this character and making his motive very mysterious makes the character the wild card in this whole plot. This issue also explains a little bit more into why the dial that Jent and Roxie were searching for in the ocean disappeared. The dialog is fun and we get some answers in this issue as well as some more questions.  
The Bad: 
I feel like this arc might be a little drastic shift from what we got last arc. Last time it was more about people tracking him down but now we have a secret agency and governments involved and it's slightly confusing. Ponticelli is a great artist, but the series was better fitted from the original artist. This issue also starts to make you wonder what this series will be in a few more issues and the future is slightly dimming.  
The Verdict: 3.5/5 (Good) 
While this issue has let me down a bit, there is no denying that every month I have fun reading this series. I'm not quite sure of the sells, but I would hope that more people would try this so we can continue to see what Mieville has in store for these characters. If you like comics books, but want something that is a little different but still tons of fun, there isn't a better series for you out there. The characters are interesting and this is a book that could really become anything the author wants it to. This issue was okay, but I wouldn't recommend that you start here. Instead, pick up the trade of the fantastic 0-6 issues and then start from there. You won't regret it. 
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