starkiller809's Dial H #6 - Offensive Content review

Dial H #6

David Lapham does the art for this issue and it still looks fantastic. He draws the characters well and makes the dials that you see in this issue fun to look at. The expressions are simple but they still get the point across and that are cool to look at. The backgrounds and and the machinery that he draws is what really takes it all. The story is less of a story and more of a break issue. Nothing happens in this issue, but it's the best filler issue ever created. The character sit around and talk about identity this whole issue, but you don't fill like you waste any time. This issue is filled with humor and you just laugh when you see how crazy it gets. China Mieville is writing this book with a series tone, but one that doesn't take itself too seriously and the final result is an awesome comic, that could go for one of the best out currently. 
Nothing happens, but that really isn't a huge problem the way this is expertly written.  
THE VERDICT: 5/5 (Perfect) 
Please, please start reading this series. I don't want it to be cancelled and the more people read it, the more humorous stories we can get filled with interesting characters that anyone can relate too. If you want a comic book that you can read and enjoy without having to have a dark underline this is for you. This is currently one of my favorite series and if you give it a try, it may be yours too. I highly recommend this issue for new readers.  
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