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Dial H #4

I really like the art and how consistent it's been from issue to issue. I really like how much Manteus Santolocuco puts into each panel and it really makes the book stronger. I also really like the facial expressions. I also really like how Abyss looks. I think he is one of the coolest looking villains I have seen in a while. I love this issue. I really like seeing Nelson and The Squid working together because I think that it shows that people can change and everyone has a story. I really like it how Nelson becomes a hero with out the dial. I also really liked seeing who Manteau was. I feel that this issue whole theme was everyone can be a hero and I really think that China Mieville did that extremely well. I also really think that the villain is interesting and this is all adding up to one climactic finale. 
THE VERDICT: 5/5 (Perfect) 
Please, everyone needs to go out and pick up this book from issue #1. It is one of my favorite series and it has really cool characters and a very interesting plot. I'm not sure sell wise, but it will be really sad if this get canceled because no one gave it a chance. I swear that once you read it, you are going to really enjoy the characters and the situation they are in. I highly recommend this to everyone who like comic books and wants an amazing story. Perfect issue.  
Posted by DonFelipe

You really like using the words "I", "really" and "like"!

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