starkiller809's Dial H #15 - Crossed Wires review

Review: Dial H #15

The Good

Alberto Ponticelli's art is a perfect match for this series and this issue showcases that better then any other. This over-sized final issue has tons of new and crazy things and Ponticelli pulls it off perfectly. His style is very sketchy and because of this, the art is simple, but doesn't feel that way. Every new dial the characters look awesome but also humorous without taking away from the seriousness of the story. This issue features war and destruction and it looks absolutely devastating under Ponticelli's pencils. China Mieville has created some of the best comics in recent memory and this issue ties up everything in a satisfying way. Mieville makes use of all the characters that he created and every move they make has meaning. He also has a way of making villains become surprising allies at the last moment and in this issue, it creates some of the best action possible. The main villain proves very challenging and the heroes must really take everything they have learn and use it. It added so much reward for all the readers who have been reading since issue one. Seeing all the characters that Nelson has dialed come back but in a new way was extremely fun and again, rewarded long time readers. This issue is over-sized, but not a single page feels less spectacular then another.

The Bad

This issue wraps up almost everything, but somethings are still open for the Dial E for Evil one-shot coming in September.

The Verdict: 5/5 (Perfect)

Dial H is over. China Mieville created some of the most fun comics I have read. The characters were different from any other comic and it was refreshing to see something new instead of the usual caped heroes. It saddens me that not more people picked up this book. It was truly great every month and it's a tragedy that it will no longer be published. I highly recommend that you pick up the trades of this series. I promise that you will enjoy every single moment. Good-bye to one of the best comic series around.


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