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Dexter is seen in numerous Cartoon Network DC Comic Books, and was in his own Cartoon Network Show : Dexter's Laboratory.



Dexter is a 10-year old genius boy, who has a hidden secret Laboratory known only by himself, Mandark, and Dee-Dee. He was born by his Mom and Dad (actual names). He also has a sister who constantly mocks him and disrupts his inventions. However, like any boy, Dexter is sometimes overconfident and overexcited, and can get carried away and/or make careless mistakes. Dexter has an accent similar to Tartakovsky's (creator) accent, as a homage to him. Dexter's own favorite superhero is Major Glory.


Dexter pushing a button

Christine Cavanaugh (1st-3rd Seasons)

Candi Milo (3rd-4th Seasons)

Family & Friends

- Dad (Father)

- Mom (Mother)

- Dee-Dee (Sister)

- Mandark (Rival)

Powers & Abilities

Dex Transformer

Dexter is a boy genius with a weird accent. He is the creator of many inventions including giant robots and teleportation devices. He is also accredited with such accomplishments as granting a monkey superhuman powers, and even using time traveling at one point in a special episode/movie. His house and lab also have many security measures, which Dee-Dee somehow always seems to pass by without any harm. He has shown to be able to go into space before with less than a day of preparations, mainly due to Toon-Force.

One of Dexters first invention is his underground lab, and the artificial intelligence, his computer, called computress in Fusion Fall is a powerful unit capable of handling the running of Dexters lab and runs on voice command. It has a distinct personality of its own and is female, as seen in Fusion Fall where it has an android female body.

Dexter is a genius but mostly he specializes in robotics, but has also been seen experimenting on genetics, creating a hair growth formulae, one that made him muscular, and even transformed Dee-dee into a genius. On rare occasions, Dexter has been seen smashing his machines and Robots using nothing more than his hands or feet, but this is most likely due to the cartoonic-forces. Dexters inventions (robotic androids) often run rogue due to them being engineered with artificial intelligence and a capability to learn.

Dexters strength, taking his inventions into account, is powerful enough to destroy Earth, Moon or an entire Solar System if he puts his mind to it. Of course, given that his sister Dee-Dee does not interrupt him or destroy his lab.

Other Appearances

Fusionfall Artwork

- Dexter's Laboratory

- Fusion Fall

- Cartoon Network Action Pack

- Cartoon Network Block Party

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