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Devlin Trask is the son of a fallen angel named Rachel and the demon lord B'liale. This gave Devlin demonic powers but no angelic powers causing him great pain whenever he used the evil power since angel and demon blood do not mix well.

To combat this, he sought the Scepter of Amazonia, an object he believed could rid him of his angelic side. When he finally obtained it, it nearly killed him. He then tried to use the Necronomicon, a demonic book, for the same goal. He was convinced by his mother and the fallen angel Avengelyne that there was no 'cure' for his ailment and he agreed to not use his demonic powers.

Major Story Arcs


He became involved in an attempt of the evil sorcerer Taliesen to become all-powerful by obtaining the Seven Talismans of the Circle. Devlin had dealt with the sorcerer before, having stolen his spell book. He teamed up with Father Peter Clifton to help their friend Avengelyne, who had been possessed by the sorcerer. In an unlikely turn of events, they teamed up with the crime boss Crymelord and his father to combat Avengelyne. With Devlin's help, the spell book gave them the ability to protect themselves from her evil magic.


When the war of Armageddon broke out between the angels and the rebel angel Micah, Devlin was believed long dead. He resurfaced at the battle of Megiddo and faced the evil general of Micah who was only known as Death. But Devlin knew the truth - that Death was really Magog - and used the full extent of his demonic powers in an attempt to kill Magog. His sacrifice was in vain as Magog was unharmed by the explosion.

Note: Armageddon appears to be the end of the story of Avengelyne and if canon, happens after future stories.

Operation: Hellstrike

Devlin's father, as his human alias, contracted an agreement with the US government to supply demon blood to create new super soldiers and offered Devlin to lead them. The team would become Operation: Hellstrike and used to combat supernatural threats. After the disbanding of the team, Devlin disappeared, only to be found again later by the government and given another position that would utilize his supernatural talents.

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