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Rahul Singh, an inspector in India with drinking problem, tracks down and kills a fanged man with inhuman strength and agility. However, during the autopsy the man awakes to attack the mortician. Luckily, Rahul is there and decapitates the man with a bone saw. Finding the stamp of a local club, called The Abyss, owned by Iyam who is one of the biggest crime bosses in the city AND was/is Lord Bala's most general.

Meanwhile in a local bar, Kratha meets with an associate of Amara Gaelle to learn about the job that Bala has contracted her for and learns that it is the woman that is to become the next Devi. A social worker named Tara Mehta, who is dating Iyam.

After meeting Iyam at The Abyss, Iyam is called off on business (followed by Rahul) and sends Tara home. Along the way they run into a procession of the Durapasya and Tara is kidnapped by them. Kratha watches this from a rooftop and is told by Bala to "kill them all" to get to her.

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