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Petrova was the first Devastator.

The first Devastator was Kirkov Petrova who infiltrated the HulkBuster base by posing as Captain Peter Kirkman and was smuggling his equipment piece by piece inside a hidden storeroom. General Ross had finally captured the Hulk and the gamma giant was being detained at the base. Petrova revealed his true identity as the Devastator and attacked the HulkBuster base as ordered by his master. The Devastator was able to emit powerful blasts from his hands because an undetectable space satellite was transmitting power to special receptors built in his gauntlets. The Devastator was causing massive destruction on the base which allowed the Hulk to escape from his chamber. The Hulk would reach the surface and engage the Devastator in combat. The gamma giant shattered the gauntlets that the Devastator was using to direct the microwave energy transmitted to him. The Devastator tried to fire a blast at the Hulk as he walked away but the feedback reduced Petrova to ashes killing him.


Devastator was created by Len Wein and Herb Trimpe in 1975. His first appearance was in Hulk #186. The second Devastator was created by Bill Mantlo, Ian Akin and Brian Garvey in 1983 and appeared in Rom #44.

The second Devastator was Gergori Larinov who was sent to the USA to assassinate the Gremlin who had designed the Devastator suit before defecting. This Devastator was defeated by Gremlin and two Space Knights Rom and Starshine, although this time he got away and was later appeared training with the Soviet Super Soldiers.

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