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Seeking revenge on Cyrus Krill, Detonator unintentionally set off a gene bomb. It gave him superpowers.


Detonator was created by the Chaos Comics original duo, Brian Pulido and Steven Hughes.

Character Evolution

Judge was an American soldier in Vietnam. At the end of the war, he was sent deep into Viet Cong territory. There, he discovered his long lost brother Joey, who had ran away from home as a child. Joey now named himself Cyrus Krill. Dreaming of going back to New York, to his wife and newborn baby, he was shocked to see Joey was killing innocents for no apparant reason. He shot Joey to stop him from killing innocents.

Years later, Judge was running a private security operation in Manhattan. Returning home one day, he discovered his wife and daughter slaughtered. A note revealed Joey to be the murderer.

Dedicated to avenge his family, Judge devoted his life to find Joey. After years, he eventually got a lead to a secret underground installation in the warehouse district of Los Angeles. He discovered Joey was making a genetic bomb. He attacked Joey and together they fell into the reactor, resulting in an explosion which gave people superhuman powers.

Coming out of a coma after two months, Judge felt responsible for creating chaos in America. Judge renamed himself Detonator (after his detonation powers) and devoted his life by hunting other superhumans down and killing them.

Coming across a turf war in Los Angeles between two rivaling groups, he joined the fight and killed several members of the Ravengers. While the Ravengers retreated, the other group decided to get Detonator on their side. They told him the underground crimelord Messiah was none other than Cyrus Krill and that his lover had abducted Reactor, one of their most powerful teammates.

Together they broke through the force field which surrounded the Compound, the headquarters of the Messiah. During their battle, Detonator told Messiah he was his brother. Detonating them both, Detonator killed Messiah before reforming his own body after the blast.


Detonator is able to detonate objects by will. He teleports by detonating himself and reforming his atoms at another location.

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