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            Detective Yin: We've really lost him,  
               haven't we, Wayne? 
                   Bruce Wayne: Ethan has passed the  
                      point of no return. Now, only Clayface remains. 
                                                        (The Batman: Meltdown).


 Detective Ellen Yin
Ellen Yin is the best female officer in Gotham City, she might be new to Gotham, but she is not no rookie. Ellen is a transfer from Metropolis, she wanted to go to Gotham so that she can have a real challenge. She does not like Bruce Wayne's arrogant attitude, she thinks that he has no respect for the law.  
Yin and Bennett 
She wants to arrest Batman in the first thirteen issues of "The Batman Strikes". However when Ethan Bennett turns into the monster known as Clayface, Ellen then starts to work with Batman, so that she can put a stop to crime, but also fill her broken heart of loosing a close friend.  

After she and the Batman defeated the Joker, the Penguin and the Riddler in the end of the season 2 Yin no longer appeared in the next three seasons, though she is mentioned in the fourth season episode ''Artifacts'' as the Commissioner Yin of Gotham PD in the year 2027.  

Detective Ellen Yin is voiced by the actress Ming-Na, best known for voicing Fa Mulan in Disney's Mulan.

Ellen Yin's name is a homage to the Commissioner in Dark Knight ReturnsEllen Yindel.

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