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Imprisoned on earth

Alia Sparrow was created in a test tube like all humankind on their planet. She rose to police status and was partnered with humanoid robot - Greta. They were investigating series of abductions. The clues lead to Crucifer's workers. As head investigator of the human crimes division, she is also handed a case of Fugitive 818. She first notices that his eyes are color of hazel, but such eye color isn't in production. Alia seeks information from a vampire, who tells that Fugitive 818, appears to be authentic human from earth, at first Alia doesn't believe that story. She learns that the man was captured by black market traders and put into death match in the coliseum, there Alia and Greta capture Bruno. They receive orders to take a shortcut through Dead Land, but they don't know that they are supposed to die there. Their camp is attacked by Ginbats, Bruno instead of escaping saves Alia's life. When back on route to new Rome, Alia starts to suspect that they were set up in Dead Lands. She decides to release Bruno, but is attacked by her partner, who can't deviate from orders. Crucifer manipulates police chief to change orders and lets Greta transport both Alia and Bruno to his lab. Seeing that Alia is being hurt, Greta acts on her programming to protect her partner; she liberates Alia from a pod. They fight their way to freedom, and in some point Greta even goes against her programming. They meet up with Bruno, who is ready to return to earth. Then they look up where Bruno's spaceship is, and make their way there. At first Alia plans on staying on planet Thera, but when they are attacked by Crucifer and he reveals the truth that Bruno is carrying a deadly virus, Alia agrees to accompany Bruno to earth and warn them. Alia arrives on earth alive, and is imprisoned in some government base.

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