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Peter Mobey is a police detective at the Metro Police Station. He normally works on homicide cases. However, when two cops attacked an immigrant family it led to massive riots throught the whole city.  The events of the riot made a masked protestor keying Mobey´s car.  Enraged, Mobey severely beat the protestor up.  Unfortunately, this was filmed by the press.  It later transpired that the protestor was only 15-years old, leading to his immediate dismissal. 

At home he annoyed his family (his wife Cassie and their daughter) because he had nothing to do.  Therefore he tried to return to the force, but his commander didn't want him to do so early.

After the meeting with his boss, he spotted Alice Hotwire, who had inadvertently caused the havoc by revealing who the bad cops were.  Unable to convince him that she wasn't the traitor, they teamed up on the mysterious ghost case.  Although he can not stand her, Mobey has saved her several times, because after he got to know her he began to see the good things in her.

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