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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 829: Mimicry (擬態 Gitai)
  • Chapter 830: Shedding Skin (脱皮 Dappi)
  • Chapter 831: Locked Room Murder on the Surface (情況的密室殺人 Jōkyōteki Misshitsu Satsujin)
  • Chapter 832: It Takes Two to do the Job of One (二人で一人前 Futari de Ichininmae)
  • Chapter 833: Sensei's Trick (先生のトリック Sensei no Torikku)
  • Chapter 834: The Vampire's Mansion (吸血鬼の館 Kyūketsuki no Yakata)
  • Chapter 835: Count Dracula (ドラキュラ伯爵 Dorakyura Hakushaku)
  • Chapter 836: Ghost Photography (心霊写真 Shinrei Shashin)
  • Chapter 837: Foreign Torture Room (南蛮部屋 Nanban Beya)
  • Chapter 838: Hall of the Bizarre Phenomenon (怪奇現象の半分 Kaiki Genshō no Hanbun)
  • Chapter 839: Each Person's Motive (それぞれの動機 Sorezore no Dōki)







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