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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 774: "The Book with the Unturned Pages" (ページをめくれない本 "Pēji o Mekurenai Hon")
  • Chapter 775: "Video Site" (動画サイト "Dōga Saito")
  • Chapter 776: "The Vase and the Cat" (壺と猫 "Tsubo to Neko")
  • Chapter 777: "Ayumi's Trail" (歩美の痕跡 "Ayumi no Konseki")
  • Chapter 778: "Which One Is the Greatest Detective?" (どっちが名探偵なんだ? "Dotchi ga Meitantei nanda?")
  • Chapter 779: "Abe-chan" (阿部ちゃん)
  • Chapter 780: "Magical Dish" (魔法の料理 "Mahō no Ryōri")
  • Chapter 781: "Eye"
  • Chapter 782: "Baumkuchen" (バームクーヘン "Bāmukūhen")
  • Chapter 783: "Diamond Shapes" (菱形と菱形 "Hishigata to Hishigata")
  • Chapter 784: "On-The-Spot Investigation: the Vow" (誓いの実況見分 "Chikai no Jikkyō Kenbun")







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