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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 752: "A Troublesome and Difficult Case" (厄介な難事件 "Yakkai na Nanjiken")
  • Chapter 753: "A Person in Need of Rescue" (要救助者 "Yōkyūjosha")
  • Chapter 754: "A Dangerous Game of Hide-and-seek" (危険なかくれんぼ "Kiken na Kakurenbo")
  • Chapter 755: "Communications Code" (通話コード "Fūwa Kōdo")
  • Chapter 756: "A Terrible Death" (ヤバイ死に様 "Yabai Shi ni Zama")
  • Chapter 757: "Moving Corpse" (動く死体 "Ugoku Shitai")
  • Chapter 758: "Fake Feet" (偽りの足 "Itsuwari no Ashi")
  • Chapter 759: "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" (オオカミ少年 "Ōkami Shōnen")
  • Chapter 760: "The Horsehair Crab from Lake Suwa" (諏訪湖の毛ガニ "Suwa-ko no Kegani")
  • Chapter 761: "The Truth of the Karuta Cards" (カルタの真実 "Karuta no Shinjitsu")
  • Chapter 762: "The Guardian of Time" (時の番人 "Toki no Ban'nin")







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