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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 686: "Superb Bait" (絶妙好餌 "Zetsumyō Kōji")
  • Chapter 687: "Memory" (思い出 "Omoide")
  • Chapter 688: "Sakura Falls" (サクラチル "Sakura Chiru")
  • Chapter 689: "Blooming Sakura" (サクラサク "Sakura Saku")
  • Chapter 690: "Haunted Warehouse" (もののけ倉 "Mononoke Kura")
  • Chapter 691: "Conan vs Detective Boys" (コナンvs探偵団 "Konan Bāsasu Tantei-dan")
  • Chapter 692: "The Secret of the Warehouse" (倉の秘密 "Kura no Himitsu")
  • Chapter 693: "Charm Recovery Strategy" (お守り奪還作戦 "Omamori Dakkan Sakusen")
  • Chapter 694: "The Greatest Game" (最高の試合 "Saikō no Shiai")
  • Chapter 695: "Ill-Tempered" (意地悪 "Ijiwaru")
  • Chapter 696: "Goth Loli" (ゴスロリ "Gosu Rori")







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