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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 675: "Hiding" (潜伏 "Senpuku")
  • Chapter 676: "Unlocking" (解錠 "Kaijō")
  • Chapter 677: "The Fated Individual" (運命の人 "Unmei no Hito")
  • Chapter 678: "The Trap" (罠 "Wana")
  • Chapter 679: "Shaking Heart" (揺れる心 "Yureru Kokoro")
  • Chapter 680: "Accompanying Two Dangerous People" (危険な2人連れ "Kiken na Futarizure")
  • Chapter 681: "Half-Kill" (半殺し "Hangoroshi")
  • Chapter 682: "Red Wall" (赤い壁 "Akai Kabe")
  • Chapter 683: "In The Hand" (掌中 "Shōchū")
  • Chapter 684: "The Late Koumei" (死せる孔明 "Shiseru Kōmei")
  • Chapter 685: "Make Friends Hurry" (生ける仲達を走らす "Ikeru Chūdatsu o Hashirasu")







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