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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 653: "My Deduction" (オレの推理 "Ore no Suiri")
  • Chapter 654: "Deduction Answer" (推理の答え "Suiri no Kotae")
  • Chapter 655: "The Revolving Weapon" (回る凶器 "Mawaru Kyōki")
  • Chapter 656: "Sharpshooting" (狙い撃ち "Nerai Uchi")
  • Chapter 657: "Whereabouts of the Poison" (毒物のありか "Dokubutsu no Arika")
  • Chapter 658: "Pig, Deer, Butterfly" (猪・鹿・蝶 "Ino Shika Chō")
  • Chapter 659: "801 and Shakuhachi and First Class" (八百一と尺八と一品 "Happyaku-ichi to Shakuhachi to Ippin")
  • Chapter 660: "Truth about the Contest" (選手権の目的 "Senshuken no Mokuteki")
  • Chapter 661: "The Silver-White Witch" (銀白の魔女 "Ginpaku no Majo")
  • Chapter 662: "White FD" (白のFD "Shiro no Efu Dī")
  • Chapter 663: "The True Identity of the Witch" (魔女の正体 "Majo no Shōtai")







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