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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 609: "Wedge of Steel" (鋼の楔 "Hagane no Kusabi")
  • Chapter 610: "Sound" (音 "Oto")
  • Chapter 611: "Flying Corpse" (空飛ぶ死体 "Soratobu Shitai")
  • Chapter 612: "Mechanics and the Alibi" (力学とアリバイ "Rikigaku to Aribai")
  • Chapter 613: "Centipede" (百足 "Mukade")
  • Chapter 614: "Armored Warrior" (鎧武者 "Yoroi Musha")
  • Chapter 615: "Art of War" (兵法 "Heihō")
  • Chapter 616: "Fūrinkazan" (風林火山)
  • Chapter 617: "War" (戦 "Ikusa")
  • Chapter 618: "Shadow and Thunder" (陰と雷 "Kage to Kaminari")
  • Chapter 619: "Suspicious Eisuke" (疑惑の瑛祐 "Giwaku no Eisuke")







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