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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 491: "Summer Vacation's Code" (夏休みの暗号 "Natsuyasumi no Angō")
  • Chapter 492: "Lay Down and Wash Your Face!" (寝転んで顔を洗え! "Nekoronde Kao o Arae!")
  • Chapter 493: "The Perfect Deciphering!!" (パーフェクト解読!! "Pāfekuto Kaidoku!!")
  • Chapter 494: "Mansion of the Evil Spirit" (悪霊の棲む屋敷 "Akuryō no Sumu Yashiki")
  • Chapter 495: "The Nightmare from 13 Years Ago" (13年前の悪夢 "Jū-san-nen Mae no Akumu")
  • Chapter 496: "The Revived Evil Spirit" (蘇る悪霊 "Yomigaeru Akuryō")
  • Chapter 497: "Ignored Evidence" (見過していたもの "Misugoshiteitamono")
  • Chapter 498: "Impact of the 13th Year" (13年目の衝撃 "Jū-san-nen-me no Shōgeki")
  • Chapter 499: "Ding-Dong Dash" (ピンポンダッシュ "Pin Pon Dasshu")
  • Chapter 500: "A New Person in Black" (新たなる黒の者 "Aratanaru Kuro no Mono")







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