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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 30: "The Armored Knight" (甲冑の騎士 "Katchū no Kishi")
  • Chapter 31: "Dying Message" (ダイイング・メッセージ "Daiingu Messēji")
  • Chapter 32: "The Pen That Cannot Write" (書けないペン "Kakukenai Pen")
  • Chapter 33: "Running Into The Two" (はちあわせた二人組 "Hachiawaseta Futarigumi")
  • Chapter 34: "The Four In The Green Car" (グリーン車の四人 "Gurīn-sha no Yonin")
  • Chapter 35: "The Last 10 Seconds Of Terror" (ラスト10秒の恐怖 "Rasuto Jū Byō no Kyōfu")
  • Chapter 36: "Code Sheet Obtained!" (暗号表入手!! "Angō Hyō Nyūshu!!")
  • Chapter 37: "The ABC's of Deciphering" (暗号解読のABC "Angō Kaidoku no ABC")
  • Chapter 38: "The Answer and Another Answer" (答えもうひとつの答 "Kotae to mō Hitotsu no Kotae")
  • Chapter 39: "The Glowing Fish's True Form" (光る魚の正体 "Hikaru Sakana no Shōtai")







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