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Chapter Titles

  • Chapter 1: "The Modern Day Holmes" (平成のホームズ "Heisei no Hōmuzu")
  • Chapter 2: "The Great Detective Turned Small" (小さくなった名探偵 "Chiisaku Natta Meitantei")
  • Chapter 3: "The Unwelcomed Great Detective" (仲間はずれの名探偵 "Nakama Hazure no Meitantei")
  • Chapter 4: "The Sixth Smokestack" (6本目の煙突 "Ropponme no Entotsu")
  • Chapter 5: "The Other Perpetrator" (もう一人の犯人 "Mō Hitori no Han'nin")
  • Chapter 6: "From Third-Rate to Great Detective" (迷探偵を名探偵に "Meitantei o Meitantei ni")
  • Chapter 7: "The Bloody Case of the Lovely Pop Idol" (血ぬられたアイドル "Chi Nurareta Aidoru")
  • Chapter 8: "Resemblance" (あなたに似た人 "Anata ni Nita Hito")
  • Chapter 9: "An Unfortunate Misunderstanding" (不幸な誤解 "Fukō na Gōkai")







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