Detective comics New 52 timeline

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Hello all. I'm new to the forums here. I check the site for reviews and previews quite often but I had to sign up so I can talk to someone about this. Ok, in detective comics (new 52) the timeline is a little fuzzy for batman. I took issue 1 as a time period early in batmans career. The fact that he doesn't have much experience with the joker (batman has kept his pre-new 52 history so he has PLENTY of experience with the joker) points towards an early time in his career. Issue 2 all but confirms an early career for batman. 1. gorden tells batman at one point that he can't give him certain information (batman and gorden are friends and batman is trusted by gorden pre 52), so that shows that he has not established a partner ship yet with the gcpd plus in issue 1 the gcpd are as much out to get batman as they are the joker. 2. Jeremiah arkham is running arkham asylum! If you have read batman 1 in the new 52 you see jeremiah with a painted black skull on his face as an inmate (he was caught as black mask pre 52). So this all but confirms an early batman career, for me at least. Surly dc would not have batman and detective comics running in the same tome period but with different characters (Jeremiah as head of arkham but him also as an inmate there). This is just kind of bugging me. I want a definitive time line! But for the record I am enjoying detectives comics so far! I've actually enjoyed all of the new 52 books I have bought, with batman: the dark knight being the weakest of all for me. Does anyone else have a theory of the timeline for detective?

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In Detective Comics #1, it's stated that Batman has known the Joker for six years.

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True but I just kind of assumed he 'knew of him'. How do you explain the Jeremiah situation then?

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I assume Batman: The Dark Knight takes place about 2-3 years ahead of the events in Detective Comics. It's a tad confusing.

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I assumed Batman, Batman and Robin, and Batman: The dark knight were all present time

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batman:dark knight then detective comics then justice league then batman and robin then justice league int'l then batman(self titled) thats what i came up with so far.

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