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ECLIPSO: THE DARKNESS WITHIN Annual Crossover Event continues. The Ventriloquist helps the Joker escape from Arkham Asylum, inspiring rage in the heart of Commissioner Gordon...rage that triggers the madness within him and releases an Eclipso.

Joker story Continued in Robin Annual #1 - The Anarky Ultimatum and Eclipso story continued in Superman Annual #4 - Enduring the Night

Scarface and The Ventriloquist have opened their own after hours nightclub called "The Ventriloquist's Club", there Scarface and Wesker entertain local gangsters all the while using high tech microphones to listen to their conversations. This is how they hear about the Guggenheim Heist, and how the Joker stole over $25 million in artwork and stashed it before getting nabbed by the Gotham Police. Scarface, decides he is going to spring the Joker from Arkham Asylum, and force the Clown Prince to tell him where the loot is.

Meanwhile, Batman stops a museum robbery, and finds a black diamond. When he takes it back to the Bat-cave he learns that the black Diamond is magical. Before he can study it farther, Alfred alerts him to the Bat-signal.

When Batman meets up with James Gordon, he learns that the Joker has been sprung from Arkham by some of Scarface's men dressed up like Batman. He also learns that Bruce Gordon is in Gotham looking for some Black Diamonds. He tells Batman and Commissioner Gordon that the Black Diamonds are the source of Eclipso's power, and could be trouble. Batman then informs Bruce that he has one of the diamonds and three other should be in the evidence room.

While Batman, Bruce and Jim are discussing the fate of the three diamonds, Joker leads Scarface to The Gotham Toy Co. where he claims to have hidden the artwork, but this appears to be a ruse for the Joker to run amok.

Back at the police station Jim finds the diamonds in the evidence room, and on his way back to the Batman and Bruce gets the word that the police have found the Joker. This news excites Jim and the Black Diamond's he is carrying take over and create a giant Eclipso from Jim's hatred for the Joker.

The giant Eclipso goes on a rampage, destroying much of the station and marching towards the Gotham Toy Co. Once there the giant Eclipso tries to destroy the Joker, but Batman comes to the rescue. He defeats the giant Eclipso, with the aide of Jim Gordon.

Before Batman and the Gotham P.D. can apprehend the Joker he disappears along with the Ventriloquist and Scarface.

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