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As the Night of the Owls continue, the Talons attack Jeremiah Arkham within the depth of Arkham Asylum.

Back-up Story about Two-Face included

The Owls Take Arkham

Despite being advised to find safer ground, Jeremiah Arkham continues his rounds at Arkham Asylum, despite being notified of the impending threat, believing the facilities security to be enough to keep him safe. Despite that, a trio of Talon's infiltrate the Asylum, attempting to assassinate Arkham, leaving Batman to attempt to save him. Facing three Talons, Batman has a hard time fending them off. Arkham decides that they only way to save his own life is to trust an evil he knows, better than the one he doesn't. Arkham bargins with Roman Sionis aka Black Mask that in order to get his mask back, he has to use it's mental control to make the inmates fight the Talons. Sionis agrees, and shortly after, the inmates in Arkham are released, and attack the Talons. Batman manages to seal them all into one room, later finding Arkham, none too pleased with his methods. Batman takes Arkham from his asylum, leaving him in the care of Nightwing, while he continues on through out the night.


After meeting with Dominic Sterano, Harvey Dent agrees to take his job and find Freakshow Tommy. His first stop is the Sand Tavern where he meets with Maurice. The meeting takes a turn for the worse when Harvey's hire muscle are killed and Maurice makes a run for it. Harvey catches up to him but he has been killed by three ninja's who knock Harvey out and plan to take him to their mysterious leader.

List of covers and their creators:

CoverNameCreator(s)Sidebar Location
RegRegular CoverTony S. Daniel1
ComboCombo CoverTony S. Daniel2
Var1:25 Variant CoverJason Fabok3
DigitalDigital Edition of Combo CoverTony S. Daniel4
Var1:200 Variant CoverTony S. Daniel5

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