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The phenomenon that is "rebooting" in DC nowadays forces all DC writers to write up a spectacular ending in their respective assignments. Detective Comics 881 never fails to impress many readers, more so comic reviewers. I can offer something in this discourse: the story simply rocks to the core! One will appreciate more if he/she reads back one of the most essential, if not the perennial, readings in Batman-literature: THE KILLING JOKE. Compare then these two visual treats to see the (ir)rationality (if one can deduct it) of the deranged minds both the Joker and James, Jr. We can see the common the denominators here: Gordon Sr. and Barbara--the cruxes of the whole saga itself! Snyder entertains us with a Hannibal-like mentality (without cannibalizing of course) that keeps the readers on the edge until the last page that encourages us to look beyond his agenda in the near future. The art is near flawless! The style is definitely JOCK, but Francavilla simply flows almost beautifully with the former's edgy yet hyper-kinetic, moody vision! What if this "rebooting"/"re-numbering" thing never happen at all, will Snyder and other great "endings" be rated as high as what we seeing right now? Hard speculate now for this ending deserves a great SALUD!

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