djotaku's Detective Comics #881 - The Face In The Glass review

The Perfect End to Snyder's Run

I've been anticipating this issue for 2 weeks and it does NOT disappoint!  Jock's art is PERFECT for this issue and the writing is great!  The monologue given by the villain is one of the best comic villain monologues I've ever read.  You get the perfect blend of intent, past, and craziness.  If this villain sticks around, he may end up giving Joker a run for his money for how creepy things can get.   
The last few pages are not only a great ending to Scott's run, but a great ending to the series right before the new 52.  The only interesting thing is that what Dick says seems to be at odds with what's going to happen in Sept, but maybe all the Batman-related will start 1 year later or something and then later explain what happened in the interim.  A MUST buy, although it will really have the biggest impact if you have the last 6 issues or so.


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