carnivalofsins00's Detective Comics #878 - Hungry City, Part Three of Three review

Detective Comics #878


Posted by B'Town

Scott Snyder is a RockStar! I truly love how he maintains Batman as the badass detective. I don't think other Batman books really give us that.

As for Snyder, as much as I am a die hard fan of Detective Comics, several issues back I was getting bored with it. Snyder brought back the gritty sort of noir-ish Detective book I love.

Thanks again for a fine review.

Posted by MrUnknown

Good review.

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    Scott Snyder has turned Detective Comics into one of the best DC books and his current storyline has been nothing short of brilliant. And while this is the final issue of the "Hungry City" arc, it really sets the table for what's to come.  Snyder's story picks up with Batman captured by Tiger Shark and precariously dangling over a giant tank filled with a killer whale. This leads to some great insight into Tiger Shark, his intentions, and motivations. Snyder again shows his knack for writing cr...

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