alphamale73's Detective Comics #876 - Hungry City, Pt. 1 of 3 review

Let me just say: 'wow'. Yeah it's that damn good.

I double-dog-dare you to purchase a copy of Detective Comics # 876 and tell me you don't like it! Just as a premise Dick Grayson is currently Batman in Gotham City, (Bruce is busy recruiting Bat-men from around the globe for a huge upcoming battle) Commissioner Gordon's son Jame's is all grown up and as crazy as a loon . There's a new killer in Gotham with hinted connections to the Falcone's and Maroni's but he's got a fresh perspective on organized crime. He own's a car dealership in Gotham which specializes in cars with superior racing upgrades and he candy coats the 'real' prize in the trunks of the luxury vehicles: illegal goods.   Dick Grayson as Batman has been impressive. Scott Synder's writing paired with Jock's artwork is phenomenal and immersive! It really's takes you into the story. Snyder's portrayal of Dick as his own version of Batman is spot on. Grayson is an individual and as such he has a different outlook.  Although  his take on Batman is significantly different than Bruce's, Batman as a persona does not suffer, it thrives! Synder stays true to what a Dick Grayson Batman would engender. Richard being a trapeze artist and performer since his youth is incorporated in the recent tellings of this story. Grayson would inherently be more apt to use aerial acrobatics and flying trapeze dismount maneuvers. This is almost a  birdlike version of Batman. He sticks to the skies as a means of travel throughout Gotham City. This Batman is prone to flight.  This Batman enjoys seeing the city from above. 

Top notch writing. This writer definitely knows how to portray a legendary protagonist in a fresh and dynamic way. Powerful, Fully immersive. So much so I had to take several 'breaks' or pauses while reading this issue of Detective Comics. TEC has been amazing since issue 867.
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