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There's a New Girl In Town... 0

A new story arc, a new mystery and the appearance of a new character with ties to an old one, all in one issue.The Good How the heck does someone drop off a dead killer whale in the city without anyone knowing? There's definitely a new mystery going on in Gotham. What's great about this is it doesn't seem as if it was done by one of Batman's big villains. The fact that we might be seeing someone new for Dick Grayson is intriguing. Throw in the fact that this was done, you know we're dealing with...

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It's Been a Longtime, I Shouldn't Have Left You... 0

Dick's introduced to the new breed of Gotham criminal when he's called in to help analyze a crime scene that's strange even by Gotham's standards.  The Good Really like this issue's cover by JOCK. I'm a big fan of Moby Dick and the biblical tale of Jonah. This cover perfectly alludes to both these tales and just gives off that primal feel. It very much connected to that bit of the universal unconscious in me. I always talk about how Snyder and JOCK's Gotham's a living, breathing beast, ever thre...

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Let me just say: 'wow'. Yeah it's that damn good. 0

I double-dog-dare you to purchase a copy of Detective Comics # 876 and tell me you don't like it! Just as a premise Dick Grayson is currently Batman in Gotham City, (Bruce is busy recruiting Bat-men from around the globe for a huge upcoming battle) Commissioner Gordon's son Jame's is all grown up and as crazy as a loon . There's a new killer in Gotham with hinted connections to the Falcone's and Maroni's but he's got a fresh perspective on organized crime. He own's a car dealership in Gotham whi...

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Another Good One 0

It's just not fair to have this follow the previous story.  It was just too awesome.  But that's life.  This is a good story and a good setup for a climax.  It's a shame to see Dick getting into Batman's role so well when he's just a few month away from relinquishing the cowl.  I enjoyed his time with Gordon in this issue and his reflections on the case.  Once again, a good use of Detective Comics for this type of story.  Keep the other ones in the other Batman series....

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Hungry For More 0

There's been much praise for Scott Snyder's writing, and while I feel that it's excellent, I'm still holding my breath and waiting to read more of his work before I make my final judgment upon whither or not I like his overall approach to Batman and, specifically, Dick Grayson. Anyways, just as they say that "hunger is the best spice", I might be praising Snyder so much because Daniel's writing has been so dismal and it just makes me over-joyed to finally read something competently written that ...

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Godfather used a Horsehead, but a Killer Whale Trumps It! 0

Scott Snyder does a great job in his issues of setting up a strange occurence that leaves you wondering what in the world it can mean, then shows it to be even stranger than you thought, then twists the knife by making it very sinister!  Spoilers follow... but some you can suss out from the cover...  A dead killer whale is found in an independent bank, and the woman who runs the bank Batman learns is Tony Zucco's ex! Beautiful set-up, and you know Dick is fully invested already. Then he has it c...

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