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The four-part epic "BATMAN: IMPOSTERS" begins with this thirty-page adventure! A call to arms has gone out through Gotham City, and normal, everyday citizens are being drafted into a bizarre battle. Will they side with vigilante justice or join the cause of chaos and anarchy? Only The Dark Knight can rein in the terror created by the villain known only as The Imposter. But what is The Imposter's true motivation for this gang war — and what's hiding behind his rictus grin? Be here to find out!

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"Imposters" part 1. This is written by David Hine and drawn by Scott McDaniel(ugh!). I'm sure you noticed my disgusted "Ugh" sound, so let me explain. The art in this comic completely sucked! I mean it was just awful! Every panel seemed rushed, and to me it seemed like McDaniel's didn't care how his art looked. Once again... Ugh! The story here was pretty decent, but it wasn't great enough to overpower the crappy artist. This issue of Detective Comics was actually the first issue of this series ...

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