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Arkham Asylum changes with every writer, becoming something new and changing. Some are better than others... 
This issue gave another look inside Arkham, and continued to document the slippery slope of Jeremiah Arkham. The art fit nicely, and the changing styles worked with Jeremiah's fragile mindset. Enough history was given to make it unnecessary to read the entirety of Battle for the Cowl, but it did not bog down the story. 
Unlike many Arkham stories, this one also did not focus on the major inmates, which made it a refreshing change from the usual.


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    I put it out on the DC boards some time ago that I felt that David Hine should be the next writer on Batman.  Citing his Arkaham one shot and mini.  I really felt that he had the chops to take on the Bat himself.  Now that hope has seen its realization!  Hine is the new writer on Detective.   With this issue we start off with a montage of history and some good narration by Dr Arkham.  The tour of the asylum and the day to day life of its newest inmate.  We then join Batman out on the street who ...

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