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A "Batman: R.I.P." tie-in! "Heart of Hush" Part 3 of 5! To save the sanity of a kidnapped child, Batman must confront the Scarecrow! But their battle is just a part of Hush's plot against Batman and Bruce Wayne, setting the stage for the most shocking surprise ending of the year! Guest-starring Catwoman!


Hush sneaks up on Selina, and the two get into a fight. Selina swipes at Hush removing his mask. Selina is surprised to see who is under the mask, which seems not to be Thomas Elliot. Meanwhile, Batman searches for a boy named Colin, who has been kidnapped by Scarecrow. Batman finds the boy only to find out Scarecrow pumped him full of venom, Batman and Colin fight it out. Batman saves the boy and puts Scarecrow in his place only to find out Selina is in the hospital... with her heart removed.

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The Plot Thicks 0

Hush Ambushes Catwoman and performs a surgery on her. Batman tracks a missing child to a cave where he ends up facing the Scarecrow, and we do get more of the origin of Hush.   Well, the plot Thicks, and the action picks up quite a lot. I enjoyed this issue and am enjoying the story. Once again there seems to be no common thread with the R.I.P. story in any other title carrying the banner, but at this point I am giving up on that, and just enjoying the books for what they are. Oh, the last page ...

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Rest In Pieces Catwoman! 0

Whatever happened to the different Batman comics all acting in concert during an event?  Back in the day during titles wide arcs like Contagion, No Man's Land, etc.  I guess I'm still stuck in that mind frame.  They used to do similar stuff with all the Superman books.  They'd have the shield on the cover with a number so you'd know where that exact issue was in continuity with everything else.   So, when I read Detective Comics and there's way less ####ed up stuff going on in it compared to Bat...

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Hide & Seek 0

Wha? This is weird. I remember seeing this comic years ago. Yeah. With the kid kidnapped by Scarecrow that get's Bane's venom pumped into him that drives him berserk. Yeah, I saw this one back in highschool, maybe my sophmore year? I was at Waldenbooks and just glancing at the comic rack. Not buying anything, just looking.Anyway, Hush captures Cats and does stuff to her. Bats takes down Scarecrow in a scene that was just as great as I remember reading years ago. Bats hears about what happened to...

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