spiderboy_prime's Detective Comics #840 - The Resurrection of Ra's al Ghul: Epilogue review


The issue was amazing. The ending was the best part through out the whole comic. I just couldn't believe it, but you can expect no less from Batman when he feels pushed he's just the type of person to imprison someone under a new identity and drug them so they will never be able to move or speak. To be honest I thought the wrost when Batman kicked Al Ghul out of the window, but like I said that's just how Batman is when he's pushed to the edge. I thought their would be more on the Globe, because alot of previews stressed his role in the comic, but he really didn't get to do anything hopefully we'll see more of him.


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    Solid Story. Beautiful Art. 0

    Paul Dini’s storytelling is rock solid in Detective Comics #840. His pacing keeps the story moving forward while keeping the reader up to speed without becoming verbose. This issue is entertaining even if you did not read The Resurrection of Ra’s Al Ghul crossover. Even when points from the Resurrection story are mentioned, enough detail is given to keep the plot moving. In short, Detective Comics #840 is a self-contained story without too much baggage from it’s preceding issues. Plenty of Batma...

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    Is this Good-Bye? 0

    The plot of the resurrection of Ra’s Al Ghul was a bit out there, but this was a fantastic way to end the story. While reading the scene with Batman and Ra’s fighting by the window I was frightened to think Batman was going to kill Ra’s. As Ra’s falls thoughts of a second resurrection came to mind and I feared writers back at DC were going to make fools of them selves and the wonderfully villainous character Ra’s Al Ghul. Once I managed to shrug those thoughts away I kept on reading and to my su...

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