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DETECTIVE COMICS ships twice in March to present 'The Siege,' a nail-biting 2-part suspense story written by Stuart Moore (FIRESTORM, Punisher X-Mas Special) and Andy Clarke (BATMAN: FACE THE FACE)! In issue #829, a costumed terrorist called VOX plans to blow up Wayne Tower - and he's trapped Bruce Wayne in a top-floor conference room. Aided only by his mentor's radioed instructions, Robin must face the bomber alone! And in the conclusion in #830, Robin faces certain death as massive explosions rock Wayne Tower. Only Bruce Wayne can stop the terrorist - but changing to Batman will mean revealing his dual identity!
Robin is covered with liquid explosives as Vox runs away. Bruce reminds him that C4 can only be detonated when it's fully solid and that it requires a blasting cap. Robin notices the cap but cannot move his arem to reach it. Bruce asks what floor he's on then tells him of another "secret" room. Another explosion goes off so Gordon sends in his men. Inside the room, Bruce tells Robin to find a small blowtorch and melt off the explosives. C4 doesn't explode under flame, just from a major impact. Robin is able to remove the cap and throw it out into the hall just as it goes off.

Bruce is still unable to fully do anything as the dignitaries continue to fight and blame each other for the current events. He tries to rally them together with a little speech but it has little effect. He lets off a smoke bomb and jumps down the stairwell. Now dressed as Batman, he faces off against Vox. The fight goes on and finally Robin arrives. Vox refuses to give up. He blasts through a window, taking Batman with him. Batman is able to shoot a line that attaches to the building. As they hang there, Vox tells Batman that he thought Batman would understand that the injustice needs to be stopped. Batman tells him that no injustice is worth the lives of innocents. Vox thinks about this, tells him he's right and punches him. The punch causes Batman to let go of him and Vox falls to his death.

The only good thing to come out of this is the hope that the dignitaries have been brought together now and perhaps this is the first step in creating a new better world.

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