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DETECTIVE COMICS ships twice in March to present 'The Siege,' a nail-biting 2-part suspense story written by Stuart Moore (FIRESTORM, Punisher X-Mas Special) and Andy Clarke (BATMAN: FACE THE FACE)! In issue #829, a costumed terrorist called VOX plans to blow up Wayne Tower - and he's trapped Bruce Wayne in a top-floor conference room. Aided only by his mentor's radioed instructions, Robin must face the bomber alone! And in the conclusion in #830, Robin faces certain death as massive explosions rock Wayne Tower. Only Bruce Wayne can stop the terrorist - but changing to Batman will mean revealing his dual identity!
At Wayne Tower in Gotham, Bruce Wayne prepares for the first Gotham International Anti-Terror Conference. Several delegates from around the world are meeting and trying to get along. As the delegates meet in a conference room, an explosion goes off in the tower. Tim is able able to make his way up to one of Bruce's secret storage closets to change into Robin. Bruce is still in the conference room with the delegates. He is unable to get away to change into Batman. He calls Gordon and tells him he's on it.

A transmission from inside is made. A man named Vox is making a point against the foreign occupation of the country of Jalib. As an act of retribution, he plans on destroying a "symbol of the capitalist world's leading symbols of economic oppression," Wayne Tower.

As Bruce and the delegates begin to make their way down the stairs, Bruce heads back to make sure everyone "got out." He overrides the tower's intercomm and tells Vox to give up. Vox responds with several more explosions inside the building. Batman and Robin figure that Vox doesn't plan on getting out of the tower as he destroys it. Just then, Robin comes face to face with Vox. As they briefly fight, Vox shoots Robin with the liquid explosive he's been using. Vox runs off. Robin tells Batman that as soon as Vox gets far enough away, he'll set off the explosive.

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