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WAR GAMES: ACT 1, PART 1! Gotham erupts in a massive gang war the likes of which have never been seen! Can Batman stem the tides of war? And in the backup story, Part 1 of the 3-part "Low," as the Riddler faces off against Poison Ivy!

First Story:

War Games: Act 1 Part 1. Flashpoint

Second Story:

Low: Part One

Riddler needs a hide-out against Hush. He asks Posion Ivy for help, but it isn't a good idea...

As news begins to spread of the death of many of Gotham's key crime bosses, tensions naturally flare up within and between the various gangs. The Lucky Hand Triad begins infighting between the followers of Ekin Tzu and those of Kwan Lin, while Diego Escabedo blames Batman for the death of his father, but must also contend with Alexandra Kosov of the Odessa Mob. Leslie Thompkins treats Franco, Escabedo's bodyguard who escaped the slaughter, while Batman and his few allies are stretched trying to quell violence across the city. Orpheus tries to protect the Hill Gangs from the Latin Unifieds, and as they wait for Nightwing to arrive, Batman orders Orpheus to bring his men to Chinatown.

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