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Batman and Nightwing tour Gotham's wreckage and try to figure out the future of the city, and a new way to protect it.

Batman and Nightwing reminisce about the "good old days" - when they only had to fight criminals and masterminds to protect Gotham. As they look over a tent city for the survivors, they hatch a plan to remind the people of their responsibility towards the city. Using a batmobile and a cannon that fires a non-lethal liquid, they break up an unruly crowd at a relief station.

Lack of power, rationing, uncontrolled fires and homelessness are driving people out of the city. Escaped prisoners from Blackgate are still not accounted for by an exhausted and demoralized police force. Batman expresses his doubt on whether the city will ever recover.

Gotham's financial future looks bleak as well. Although Wayne Enterprises is in decent shape, other businesses have decided not to rebuild and move out threatening a lack of funds to rebuild the city and mass unemployment. Unrest among survivors is growing with small gangs and mobs threatening a comeback.

The duo decide to visit the Tricorner area which has been isolated since the quake. Nightwing discusses his plans to become a cop at Bludhaven but Batman doesn't like the idea. Batman considers helping the city as Bruce Wayne.

Elsewhere, Gotham PD cops are pinned down by a gang looting a National Guard vehicle for weapons. Batman and Nightwing spring into action, just like the "good old days."

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