gr2blackout's Detective Comics #7 - The Snake and the Hawk review

I Assume Something's Up With The Penguin

As you might be able to tell, Penguin isn't my favorite villain. I haven't checked out any Detective Comics recently, so I'm kind of lost here. But apparently, somethings up with this Snakeskin guy. If your new to the world of Batman and you dont know too much about the character, this would not be a good first issue for new readers. Basically: its pretty good, but not if your a new reader. But it doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to tell that something complicated's going on.


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    Time to get back on track. 0

    Let's face it, the writing of detective comics has been sloppy lately. Tony Daniel mixes his masterful art, and clever ideas with clunky subplots and boring characters, which result in a less than enjoyable comic. The first four comics were good, but the writing has become extremely clunky every since it switched to the Penguin as the main villain in issue #5. To be fair, this is probably the best of the Penguin focused comics so far, attempting to tie in all of the loose ends Daniel had clumsil...

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